One billion chances for opportunity

One of the things that I have become a raving fan of again is the library. "The library?", you say. Yes – in our little town resides a terrific library.

One of the town’s generous residents regularly donates The New Yorker magazine (a subscription typically costs $46 American!). For the approximate cost of a subscription, you can buy 460 New Yorker back copies. I recently splurged and bought myself 20 old issues. Not a bad return for a toonie!

As I was scanning articles, I noticed an old ad for the iBook. The ad demonstrated all the neat things you could do with the new iBook version – make movies, rip and burn music, and much more. It also mentioned an MP3 player called the RIO.

It was strange not to find iPod mentioned. Not only was iPod not included, but Mac was promoting a competitors’ product! I looked at the date of the ad – June 01, 2001. Fast forward 5 years later, and Apple has not only sold a ton of iPods, but the company also sold their 1 billionth song this past week on iTunes. The song was sold to Alex Ostrovsky, who won a $20,000 prize from Apple for his trouble.

Imagine if Apple had not developed the iPod. iTunes would also not have been developed. Sometimes the biggest opportunities in our life are right in our very midst. You don’t always have to leave to find what you are looking for. You need to pay attention to bigger opportunities that come from your original idea.

The iBook is a wonderful product, however, iPod and iTunes were the real keys to Apple’s huge leap forward. Where are the big opportunities attached to what you are currently doing? We can help you look — simply visit us at www.careerjoy.com for more information.