Who will keep their 2011 Career Resolutions?

Welcome to 2011, what will this year hold for you? Will this be the time to make a move in your career? The new year is seen by many as the best time to make a career resolution. This week’s podcast is with Mark Di Vincenzo, N.Y. Times best selling author of Buy Ketchup In May and Fly at Noon. A guide to the best time to buy this, do that and go there.   

Will your resolutions be successful? According to a study commissioned by Australian drink manufacturer, Carpe Diem there were approximately 435 million New Year resolutions made in Austria, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, and The Netherlands. Here are some interesting results on which countries population was most likely to keep their resolutions longer than 4 weeks.


1. Belgians: 53%


2. Dutch: 52%


3. Germans: 51%


4. Swiss: 46%


5. Austrians: 46%


6. Irish: 37% – Which really offended me…heck, I was born in Dublin.


7. Brits: 36% – As they say, God Save the Queen.


These results beg the question, “Why are people in Belgium more likely to keep their resolutions?” (it must be the chocolate) What kind of career resolutions have you made? Maybe it was “return all voice mails,” “get your resume upgraded,” or “look for a new career,” “upgrade your LinkedIn profile” or “start a job search.”  Did you know you are 8 times more likely to follow through on your resolutions if you have a career coach? 2011 can be the best time in your career, it’s all up to you.  


This week’s workout – Take a few minutes to evaluate some areas of your career you would like to improve in 2011. 


Continue the conversation below; What career resolutions have you made?


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The entire year, along the road with you!




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