Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,

This morning, as you gathered around the watercooler you may have already shared one, you may have been the subject of one. A rumour. This week’s podcast is with Professor Nicholas Defonzo author of The Watercooler Effect. He is the leading world expert on why rumours spread.

All of us work in situations where there is uncertainty – the more uncertain the information the more likely you will be participating in rumours. We saw this happen with the tragedy at Maple Leaf Foods last summer. In fact, the president of Maple Leaf Foods appeared on television to get the story clear, remove all of the rumours and set the record straight about what really happened and what they were doing about the tragedy. They were managing the rumour mill.

Nicholas shared “Understanding rumours means becoming kinder, nobler, more discerning, more helpful, more humble, sharper in our thnking and more charitable in our feeling. It means having a greater appreciation for the truth. If rumour is something we do, we should do it well”