[MMM] Your Next Career Opportunity is as Close as Under Your Christmas Tree

Happy Monday morning,
Some people are just really really good at it. I am not.
What is “it”?
Wrapping presents.
I have to admit that a nicely wrapped gift, well, it just seems so much more valuable and personal. But some people are just so much better with tape, scissors and wrapping paper. So I have found that gift bags are a terrific solution for the “wrapping-challenged” gift-giver, and I am pretty sure that the gift bag section at The Dollar Store section was created just for me – where else can you get such variety?
The wrapping paper business is a whopping $3.2 billion industry. Where did wrapping paper originate? It was invented by brothers J.C. & Rollie Hall, and if that last name sounds familiar, you likely know their store, Hallmark. In 1917, J.C. and Rollie ran into a “challenge” during the Christmas season – they ran out of the traditional red, white and green tissue paper, which was what everyone used at the time for gift-wrapping. Tucked away in a drawer, they realized they had an abundance of fancy French paper customarily used to line envelopes, so the brothers placed the paper in their display window at 10¢ per sheet, just as a short-term solution.
It flew off the shelves.
Over the next few years, they developed their own line of wrapping paper, and the rest, as they say, is history.
The lesson here?
Like many things in life, the answer to your career or organizational “challenge” could be a lot closer than you think. Don’t discount the obvious and more accessible solutions – look for the options that are close at hand. I often see this with our clients. Using some of our tools and asking a few different questions or exploring the idea, can often bring options that are a lot quicker and easier to implement.
This is where coaching can help. J.C. and Rollie challenged each other to look for a creative solution to their business issue. Coaching is a great way to get a new perspective and a way to bounce ideas off of a professional.
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays
Along the road with you!
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