[MMM] Your Gateway Drug to the Change You’re Thinking About at Work

Good Monday morning,


I am currently working through my Masters degree and I was on course for the first two weeks in January in Vancouver on the University of British Columbia campus. The beautiful thing about the program (apart from the learning) is the people with whom I am studying. They are from all over the world and from a wide variety of disciplines.


few of us were having lunch together and the conversation turned to the topic of pet ownership. There is a saying in life, “either you are a dog lover or a cat lover.”


I am a dog lover.


I have two dogs: a Bernese Mountain Dog named Tom and a Golden Retriever named Bob. For the most part, they are just amazing animals to have in my life. There are many things I appreciate about my dogs, one of which is their curiosity. They are curious about just everything including trees, the woods, water, people and, even skunks.


I have been thinking about the role that curiosity plays in our lives. The etymology of the word “curious” comes from the Latin curiositatem meaning “desire of knowledge, inquisitiveness, careful, diligent; inquiring eagerly, meddlesome”. It’s also where the word “cure” originates from, which I found profound.


The “cure” to you feeling stuck, bored, wanting a change or just understandable desire to get out of your comfort zone, is quite simple.


Be curious.


Pick up that book that catches your attention. See that movie you wonder about. Go to that art gallery. Reach out to that person for a coffee. Take that course that you might be interested in. Apply for the role that interests you.
Curiosity is the lowest barrier to entry to deciding to commit to a new area, company, profession, role, leadership path , or new relationship. It will open doors that will challenge you, surprise you and delight you. 


As Tom and Bob have modeled to me, curiosity is that “gateway drug” to all things better.


Along the road with you,




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