[MMM] | Your career choice may save another’s life

Happy Monday morning,
Craig Cunningham, a former professional hockey player had his life changed forever on April 19, 2016. He had a full cardiac arrest on the ice during a hockey game and CPR was administered to him for 83 minutes.
After arriving at the hospital his mom was in the waiting room to get an update. She was told that a doctor was on his way and would speak to her shortly. He walked into to waiting room to speak to Craig’s concerned mother and said, “Hi, I’m Dr Zain Khalpey. I love what I do, I’m very good at it and I’m going to save your son.”
At that critical moment, that’s exactly what Craig’s mom needed to here. They were the most comforting words she had heard in her life.
Dr. Khalpey is one of the world’s leading cardiac surgeons and just happened to be at Banner- University Medical Center. He performed a type of operation on Craig that has only be done twice in history. This is an amazing story of how two lives intersected in a moment of time with an amazing outcome.
Craig, survived his operation although he did end up losing part of his left leg due to the loss of circulation during his cardiac arrest. He has since shifted roles and is now a pro scout for Arizona.


There were four principles I took away from this story:
Principle 1: You get to choose a profession that you can truly be passionate about.
Principle 2: If you love what you do you will be very good at it even, perhaps, the very best in your field.
Principle 3: If you are very good at something, you will have a deep confidence combined with the abilities to get the very best possible outcomes.
Principle 4: You will have a deep satisfaction the comes with helping people through your profession. It will be more valuable than money, or status.
The story continues. Not only have Khalpey and Connungham built a deep friendship from that day, they also started a not for profit that focuses on evaluating the hearts of young athletes to raise the awareness for young cardiac arrest and catch them early on.
See, a great career is not only good for the body and mind, it’s also great for the heart.
Along the road with you,
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