[MMM] Your Career 1 Step at a Time | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning, 


It is one thing to finish the race, it is another to help someone else finish the race.


Both are sweet. For me, helping someone else finish is sweeter.


“I thought I would finish the race alone…” was the comment of the woman who was the very last finisher of the Ottawa Marathon.


I am also a runner. I have done 10k’s, 1/2 Marathons and have ran a marathon. I have done all the things that most runners set out as goals. I know that feeling of training on those quiet, cold, rainy, windy, bloody cold nights. It’s the training that helps you to accomplish the goal. Running is all about completing objectives.




When I conclude my emails and newsletters with “along the road with you.” I mean it.


I was part of a group called Bonnie’s Dream Team, started by a woman you have probably never heard of. She’s not an Olympic athlete; she’s like you and I. She shows up every day, in quiet moments.  As a single mom and as a hard working professional, running has changed her life.


She set out one day to learn to run, to get in shape and she fell in love with those early mornings, the adrenaline rush, with exceeding her expectations of herself.


She started with 5k’s then moved along to completing a marathon. By nature, Bonnie is the type of person that likes to help. She relates to the underdog. Nothing has come easy to her; she’s worked for everything that she has. It has been blood, sweat and, yes, some tears along the way. She’s been helped along the way by many people including my Mom and Dad who came along at times to support and encourage her. 


While she was running in one marathon, she noticed that towards the end there were some who struggled. Bonnie’s Dream team was started. She had an idea how to help those struggling runners turn a difficult race around, giving many the strength to finish.


Her idea was simple. Strong runners would be along the last 10 km of the race, watching those that were having a hard time and coming alongside. Think of it as side-car cheerleaders. This Ottawa Marathon, 50 of those runners came on their own expense. They rented a bus, hotel rooms, and paid their own way to be a part of the Dream Team.



You can check out some of the pictures and stories on Bonnie’s Dream Team Facebook page. The stories from the individuals who were assisted during their races, are numerous. From Ironmen who can normally kick ass struggling to complete a marathon to those with major blisters, injuries or just pure mental exhaustion.


As a coach, one of the great joys I have is helping others finish the race. Coming along side those that are trying to figure out the right direction or desiring to be the best leader they can be. 


Why am I telling you this? If you’re a person struggling, receive the gift of someone trying to help. You’re not a burden – everyone needs help at some point.


If you’re feeling strong, look around your office, your neighbourhood and to your friends. Some are struggling to finish the race and nobody wants to finish alone. 


My challenge this week is for you to come along the road and cheer someone on. Join the conversation on LinkedInTwitterFacebook and our Google + page!


Along the road with you!



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