MMM | You, Yes You, Have This In Common With Astronauts (& It’s Not A Profession)

Happy Monday Morning,


I have a confession.


I wanted to be an astronaut. Yes, I was one of those kids, I was & continue to be a space nerd.


The good news.


NASA is hiring again.


So, if you read an over & out message from me.


You’ll know where I went.


In all seriousness, I have a concern.


Social isolation.


I am more worried about it now than I was the first time around. There are many reasons, one being just general what I call COVID fatigue arising from the nature of our culture, weather & the unknown reality of what is the resolution of all of this.


I read an interesting article about social isolation by Scott Kelly. He was the astronaut who spent a year in space & wrote a book, ironically titled Endurance.


It is ironic as you think endurance wouldn’t be the word one would use to have that kind of experience that most dream about, but very few achieve.


Spending a year in space was precisely that.


He didn’t spend anniversaries, thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays & special occasions with his family.


What you are currently experiencing, while not a year in space, has similar very challenging elements. Social isolation is a very real thing.


Kelly shared that while he was in space, “It was mandatory, every two weeks, to talk to a psychologist to help us get through something challenging. He also found reading inspiring books & writing down his feelings in a journal to be cathartic.”


When I read this, it was both relieving & enlightening.


To be frank, I have a great community of friends, a wonderful set of colleagues & work that I enjoy & a healthy family.


I have felt this too.


This, is real.



Seeking professional support is not a sign of weakness.


Even astronauts need this.


Along the road with you,




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