[MMM] | You Need a Playlist at Work – Everyone’s Doing It (And Why You Should…)

Do you dance at work? If your neurosurgeon did, would that make you nervous?
I’m not sure that Dr. Sunit Das dances his way through his neoursugeries at St. Michael’s Hospital, but music is an important part of his surgical routine.
Music creates a sense of a common language and community while making an environment less institutional.
Jessica Grahn, a neuroscientist at Western University, researches the relationship between music and the brain. The right kind of music at the right time will put a listener in a more positive mood, helping them to focus. It substantively increases cognitive function and helps them perform better on tests.
Dr. Das is not alone. In a study by Spotify of over 700 surgeons, over 90% have surgical playlists, many dominated by pop and classic rock. Who knows what my doctor was playing when he operated on me?
The next time your boss asks why you’re listening to ACDC’s “Highway to Hell” blame it on science and share with your boss about how much more productive and focusedyou are as a result of your music.
Then quickly change the channel to Bach’s Mass in B minor.
Along the road with you,
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