[MMM] You Can Do Great Work Like Zachary Does

July 25, 2016 | The “Magic” Edition


Good Monday morning,


Planes, trains, and automobiles; this has been my week. I have spent this week in three cities: my home base Ottawa, our office in Vancouver for meetings, then back to Toronto to meet with John Madigan our new Director, Corporate, GTA (and a fellow Irishman to boot).


While in Toronto, I did take in the required Blue Jays game with the required (new) Blue Jays hat.


It has been a week of multiple forms for transport. I have met many pleasant, and the odd grumpy, person along my trip. One person stood out.


Zachary Wells.


Best. Train. Service. Manager. Ever.


I ran into Zachary on Train 1420 from Toronto to Ottawa, on the finally leg of my trip back home. He had this way about him when I was getting on the train. He didn’t just get you on board and direct you to your seat. He welcomed me and the others – that alone would have made him stand out among all the people who have recently helped get me where I needed to go.


But there is more. As you can see with this picture, he is juggling a plate on his chin. That was in his bag of tricks. He created balloon animals for the kids, followed by some magic tricks, and his final act was juggling!


Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.38.13 PM


“People Moving People” is the tagline of Via Rail. They are not in the train business, they are in the people business. Planes, trains, and automobiles are the tools that get us places efficiently. People are what make those journeys memorable. Zachary asked each of the kids their name, favourite colours, and their favourite animal. The kids took off their headphones, put down their iPads, and were truly engaged by him. The parents & adults around smiled with joy.


I would like to suggest Via Rail change its tag line to “Caring People, Moving People”


I know at work you have lots of demands, deadlines to meet, clients to take care of and, yes, things to juggle too. The thing is, it really doesn’t take a bag of tricks to do a great job. With your skills & capacity, just need to care – truly care – about people you serve.


It’s that simple.


Ask Zachary, the best train Service Manager ever.


When’s the last time you were served by someone like Zachary? What Pilot, Uber driver, Steward gate attendant, doctor, nurse, accountant, etc. did something that stood out? Tell us about that experience on Facebook or Twitter @CareerJoy. We’d love to hear your stories and share the joy of having that kind of experience. 


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Along the road with you!




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