[MMM] – Winning Your Job Search Campaign | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday!
Three weeks today, we will know who the next Prime Minister of Canada will be. Who will win the election?, well the polls are suggesting at this point that it is a 3 way tie.
Unfortunately, most polling has been dreadfully inaccurate in recent history.
I know who is going to win.
The Candidate who has the best campaign.
Notice I didn’t suggest the most qualified candidate will win, I suggested the one with the best campaign and team behind them will!
That is the same with the job search process. I know who will get the role.
The candidate with the best job search campaign.
Ah, you say, but that’s not fair. It may not be fair but it is how the world works. Clients often ask how we can make a difference. Our role is to be our clients campaign manager. To help with the campaign strategy. crafting the pitch, creating social media that works, resume drafting, 30 second elevator pitch, where to network, recruiters, interview, negotiation & landing well. It takes a team to land that dream job.
The proof is in the pudding as they say. Over and over I see our clients win, this gives me great satisfaction as I also happen to believe that they not only have the best campaign, but they also are the best candidates to boot.
Find my polling station, along the road with you!
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