[MMM] Why You & Your Work Matters (This is my hope)

Happy Monday morning,
This past week, I took a flight to Cancun with Sunwing Airlines. It was an opportunity to get away with my best friend just before the busyness of the holiday season.
On the flight, I took an opportunity to stretch my legs and was chatting with the flight attendants. This is a good flight, as they are up early and are on the return flight so they are back by 4PM. It is a long day, but they can sleep in their own beds at night.
This is a good trip to build hours, so the flight attendants have lots of seniority. We were chatting about their jobs, working for Sunwing, and one of them mentioned that something unusual happened on the flight today.
I asked them what that was. The attendants shared it is relatively rare, but one of the pilots took the time to walk down to the back of the plane, say hello & check up on them. They were so impressed by that small gesture.
As I got off the plane, one of the pilots also took the time to say hello & thank us for flying with Sunwing.
I was so impressed with this pilot, as that is rare to be greeted on the way out.
That pilot who both greeted the attendants, and the passengers…
Was, my son.
So if it looks like a kid in a uniform.
It’s because it is.
What Aidan understands as one the youngest first officers at Sunwing, is something profound.
People are taking that flight as honeymoons, dream vacations, once in a lifetime trips, meeting family members, and taking a much-needed break. For a majority of people, this is a big deal to get away. It is a large investment of both time & money, and many are not experienced travellers so, some have a lot of fear to boot.
I think at a very early age in his career, he is building some practices that not only include his flight skills but his leadership skills as well.
It’s very easy in any profession, including difficult ones such as an airline pilot to get disconnected from why you do what you do & the team that supports you in that effort.
As a pilot, Aidan not only has the lives of hundreds of people in his hands, he also has their hopes, fears & dreams.
That also includes the flight crew he works with.
What I truly love about this is that we never discussed any of these elements as he started his first role as an airline pilot. I shared my observations & what I heard from the flight crew with him late & Aidan shared “That it was no big deal, everyone matters on the plane.”
The wisdom of a 22 year old.
And yes, I am one super proud Dad.
As you start this week, what can you do to remind yourself of why you do what you do, why it matters & who on your team you can affirm.
It really matters.
And, so do you.
Along the road with you,

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