[MMM] Why The Best Leaders Win The Big Games

Feb 8, 2016 | Winning the Game

Happy Monday morning,

More than 100 Million people watched the Super Bowl last night. To be honest, I am not a hardcore sports fan. I’m the type of person who pays attention to sports when it comes to the big games, aka the 6th game of the Stanley Cup Finals, The Grey Cup, or the Super Bowl. One thing is for certain, the winner of yesterday’s Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos, can directly attribute their success to both their great players, as well as their amazing coaching team.
The thing that I do appreciate about sports is the clear application towards life and the world of work. In sports you see a variety of elements at play: talent, discipline, goal setting, team work, finding the right position, team culture, overcoming expectations, strategy, innovation, rules, leadership, and the impact one key player can have on an entire team’s performance.
This year, University of Alabama Crimson Tide won their 4th National Championship in 7 seasons. In the business, and I use that term intentionally, for better or worse, NCAA Football has a huge impact on the bottom line of Universities in all of their departments.
You will never win a championship in sports without a great leader at the helm. Players have come & gone, been injured, suspended, etc., yet, year after year, the Tide has been one of the best of the very best within a very competitive sport.
The one consistent element within the University of Alabama football program has been its leaders, and head coach Nick Saban in particular. “Not everybody can coach a great player, and I think he has the ability to do that.” said the opposing team’s coach, Dabo Swinney. Saban has the ability to not only choose the right strategy & winning culture but also to lead the very best players. He has also coached two Heisman Trophy Award winners.
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Leadership matters.

A talented group of professionals led by average leadership will produce good results. A talented group of professionals led by great leadership will perform beyond expectations, and, more importantly, will accelerate the way individuals grow into their sense of self, confidence, and personal growth.
To the 98% of athletes that will never move to a paid position, the lessons taught by their coach will impact the rest of their lives in the roles they play as friends, parents, and community & business leaders.
Leadership matters to all of us.
Leading to win, along the road with you!
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