[MMM] Why Online Job Search Is so Sexy, yet so Ineffective | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,


Analog is the new digital.


Record sales are going through the roof. Yes, you heard me right.


Vinyl is the new digital.


We live in a world where seemingly everything is moving towards digital. We even talk about the “digital’ economy.


You are also seeing tremendous growth in analog business, such as vinyl records & stores like Mountain Equipment Co-Op are seeing record (pun intended) sales.


The world has never been more connected, yet alone. This is the paradox of the times we live in.


As a job seeker this is a very deceptive time. You can now spend most of your day online, applying for roles on LinkedIn, Indeed, Workopolis & other great tools, all the while feeling very busy & productive. The instant gratification is rewarding, and it makes you feel like you are really going after the job you really want and are qualified for. Frustration comes when you realize… so too can everyone else.


Here’s the reality. The “digital” job search is not often effective on its own.


Spend more time on analog & less time on digital.


What is an analog experience? Meeting with real people; colleagues, people from your professional associations, suppliers, neighbors, peers. Networking events, alumni events, trade shows, sports leagues, PTA, volunteer work – the opportunities to connect with other individuals are endless. This “vast majority” of unadvertised jobs is commonly referred to as the “hidden job market” and published estimates of the size of this enormous cache of jobs have ranged from 75 to 95 percent of the total job market.


Leveraging this often underutilized resource is even more important than ever before.


My experience is that hiring managers are being bombarded with email & applications online. The reality is that a hiring manager is not going to look at 50 resumes. Any candidate that is referred to them through a trusted relationship will automatically go to the top.


Your time online should be spent researching & preparing for meetings, not applying for jobs.


Analog is the new digital.


Your network (analog) is your net worth. It’s also where 75% + of opportunities are found.


Shaking hands, along the road with you!