[MMM] Why Most Career Tests Don’t Make Sense

Sept 12, 2016 | The “Test” Edition


Good Monday morning,


“Alan… you are not going to have me take one of those tests that tells me I should be an astronaut, are you?”


No. Well… sort of. There are two major reasons why most people aren’t getting the answers they need, that make sense for them, for the question “what is the right career?”


Myth: I can take a test to determine my ideal career.


Truth: There isn’t one test that you can take that is the perfect algorithm for telling you what the right career is. This is a complex question, and the answer will evolve over time, and involves identifying and drilling down many different variables.


It’s like going to the doctor when you are not feeling well. She will ask you lots of good questions about family history, background, what’s going on in your personal and professional life, issues you have had with your health in the past, drugs you have taken, and overall patterns. She will take your blood pressure, have you take a blood test, and maybe an MRI or other diagnostic tools, in order to get to the heart of the issue.


Myth: Anyone can google the results from tests and know as much as their doctor.


Truth: A wise and caring doctor doesn’t just look at the results and write a prescription.  She will look at the blood test in the context of the your history and situation in order to determine what the numbers really mean for you in order to determine a course of options and actions to help you return to full health. She has spent over 8 + years training to both understand the complexity of the human body.


That is the same with determining the right career. When you have a complex question like what the right career is, you need a set of sophisticated diagnostic tools to get the right information as a starting point.


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No one tool can glean all of the information necessary for a full career exploration. My team and I use modern and multi-dimensional tools, but still our career transitioning clients may go through 3-5 tools and assessments in order to get the depth of information required in order to identify the best options and make the best decisions.


Another reality is that everyone thinks they are a career expert – facilitated by Google. Our coaches, like your doctor, have multiple years of training. A trained career coach will look at all of the options, within your unique context, and help determine what is truly practical for your specific situation.


With the combo of their training and experience, plus my framework and assessment tools, we then help to produce a set of options that can help bring you back to career health & success.


Next week, I will share how you really can become an astronaut.


Along the road with you!




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