[MMM] Why Managing Your Brand is Simple But Not Easy | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning!


As mentioned in a previous MMM, I am not that handy of a person when it comes to tools. However, I like how they look and enjoy having them in my basement. 


But don’t let me use them, other than tightening the odd screw here and there.


One of the places I love to buy tools (that I don’t really use, but look great on my tools shelf) is Lee Valley Tools.


Leonard was a 17 year public servant who was frustrated with his work situation. He loved tools but recognized that many were of poor quality or design. He decided to deal with both of those issues and created a company, literally out of his barn.


31 years later, Lee Valley Tools is the leader in it’s category. Leonard and his team have built a business on very simple principles: 


-Great products

-Good value

-Quality people

-Doing what’s right for the customer


You may say, “Ah but Alan, that is so obvious!” However, the real secret to his success is his ability to empower his employees. For instance, his customer manual is one-pager, with one line on it:


“Do what you would do for a friend.”


Leonard shared, “We know when a friend is trying to take advantage of a situation, and your friend needs a break.” 


His employees are able to make decisions which are better for the customer and certainly better for the employees.


Think about it: you only need a hammer, nails, some screwdrivers and a wrench to keep a household going. 


Running and leading an organization is very similar; it just takes a commitment to common sense principles.


Simple, just not always easy.


Your friend, along the road with you!




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