[MMM] Why Justin Trudeau Won – The Best Job Search Campaign

Good Monday morning,


As a team, we were discussing the election results, what we thought went well & what went poorly in the campaigns & their impact on the outcome of the election. We discussed strategy, branding, messaging, the debates & how each leader went about “applying” to get “hired” for the biggest job in the country.


The Prime Minister.


One of the key thoughts we had, we make choices on what we want or hope for, not what we are against & whom we are most confident in that can help us get what we want as citizens & for our country. 


The job search is exactly about that as well. Hiring managers will choose the candidate in whom they are most confident will help them solve problems, create revenue, advance their projects & more importantly.


Maximize their personal career objectives. 


Hiring managers like you and I when we vote, are ultimately thinking about the campaign that resonates with what will help them be more successful in their own lives. Of course, they are choosing the candidate, however, the choice is fundamentally informed by how good of a campaign they put together.


All political campaigns are essentially job search campaigns. They have all of the same fundamentals, including a campaign manager. How the person performs in their campaign, from the application, personal branding, networking, meeting lots of new people, interviewing, asking for the role & negotiating the package. 


The best campaign usually always beats a good candidate.


Being a good candidate or even being the best candidate, doesn’t mean you will get the role if your campaign is not aligned properly.


The proof is in the pudding as they say. 


Like the political “candidates” for your riding, there is only 1 seat & you have one shot at doing it right. 


Who’s your campaign manager?


Along the road with you,




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