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The court jester has always had a role to play in our society. Many royal courts throughout English history employed entertainers and most had professional fools, sometimes called licensed fools. Their role was to be a voice of truth, they were able to say things in the kings court and speak truth to power and culture confront the hypocrisy in the leaders.


We lost two of the great “jesters” of our current modern society with the passing of Joan Rivers & Robin Williams.


I watched a recent short clip of Joan Rivers being interviewed. She shared, “for over 50 years I have been making people laugh. I am put on earth to make people laugh.


I think the reason that Joan and Robin were so successful was that they had a clear sense of why they were here, as well as the desire and courage to take action to honour that.


Why did our culture react so strongly to these two deaths? Part of this is a result of their fame, but at a deeper level, both of these incredibly talented people impacted our culture in profound ways.




Isn’t this what we all desire? To find our place in this world and to know we are making a difference.


Yes, I know, heavy thoughts for a Monday morning.


Why were you born? What impact can your career have on our society. One of the great privileges my team and I have is to help individuals like you to pursue this journey of self discovery, helping figure out the answers to deeper questions in our lives.


The answers to those questions are no joke…


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