[MMM] Where Were You When…?

Happy Monday morning,


Where were you when the Raptors won the NBA Championship?


That will be a question that will be asked many a times over the next while. For me, I was on a flight to Vancouver and caught the end of the game with my daughter, her friends and my cousin. The last time I was watching a championship game was when Vancouver lost to Boston in the 2011 Stanley Cup finals. 


Needless to say, last night there were no riots here in Vancouver, only crowds of joyful Canadians. Like most Canadians I caught a mild dose of #WeTheNorth fever. I am saying a mild dose, as in the next time I would likely watch a basketball game would be when the Toronto Raptors are next in the playoffs. The irony is I live 15 minutes from the hometown of James Naismith, the founder of the game of basketball.


I am no #SuperFan.


You may have seen the Tim Hortons ad about #SuperFan Nav Bhatia. He really does express well why we have all been enraptured (pun intended) by his story:



I have been thinking quite a bit about Nav the SuperFan and it struck me in a statement why he has become almost as well known as Kawhi Leonard. He represents Canadians and the country of Canada. He is loyal and he is a winner.


He represents all the things that make our country so fine. Canada is that country where you can be who you are. You can be fully you and yet fully Canadian. This is a country while has room for “we” and “me”.


This room for “me” and “we” is also what struck me about why the Raptors won and what makes high functioning organizations thrive.


Where were you when the Raptors won the NBA Championship?


Leading along the road with you,




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