[MMM] When We Are All Working from Home – We Better Damn Enjoy What We Do …

I hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend.


Often when I hear something that I think is relevant, I will put it in my note section as an idea that inspires me or something I would like to explore more.


As I was pondering what to write this week & I looked in that file.


It was interesting what I found.


“When you care about work, you take it home.”


I was thinking about a corporate partner I was having a conversation with this week. We are working on many projects with them. I asked him how he is adjusting to working from home.


He is single & lives in a major city in Alberta & shared how it was quite challenging. Not to mention missing connecting for dinners & lunches with his colleagues, friends & family.


Yes, he was finding new rhythms, but it was still not easy. He was missing the daily pattern of his work life, the “water cooler talk” around the office, the walk to his favourite cafe & a variety of places to go for lunch etc. He also shared that if he ever complained about his commute, please remind him of the conversation we were having that day.


Many professionals & corporate partners, myself & my team, already had a work from home set-up pre-COVID-19. This mandated shift to full-time at home hasn’t changed that dynamic.


However, for many, including possibly you, the shift to working from home, is very challenging. For some, it’s logistics, space, quietness, technology. For others, it’s missing working directly in the office with their team. Their personality feeds off of the face to face interaction.


The redeeming part for my client is that he does care not only about the work he does, but also his organization & the team he works with.


Can you imagine how much more difficult for him this would be to not care about his work or be in the wrong role?


Maybe you can.


This season is an unprecedented time of refining & clarifying in all of our lives about what is essential & what we genuinely care about.


Now is the ideal time to start drilling down on essential questions, prioritizing & reorienting your life.


You know that & I know that.


If not now.




Along the road with you!




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