[MMM] | When Trust Your Gut With Your Career

Well, the luck of the Irish is now officially over for another year and the shareholders of Guinness and Tylenol are that much richer.


For Jennifer Lambert, her “luck” came in a major way last year. Jennifer was an archives assistant and was looking or some old posters for the Neptune Theatre when she noticed a folder that said  “Arthur Lismer”. Her response could have been to not pay any attention. However, she thought, “well this warrants a better look”. She discovered 29 individual drawings from Arthur Liser.
Who is Arthur Liser you ask? Arthur Liser one of the Group of Seven.
Meanwhile, Alan Ruffman worked as a researcher and author and he was certain there were a set of drawings created by Arthur in Dalhousie University’s archives and had even written a letter to the university about them.
Lambert had been going through boxes stacked six or seven shelves high in the archives’ six kilometres of shelving when she saw the folder.
Lambert recognized the works right away and knew they were likely the drawings Ruffman had been asking about.
There were 24 folders of pen-and-ink Lismer images in all, totalling at least 29 individual drawings.
“I haven’t stumbled upon anything this interesting, certainly,” Lambert said.

What’s the point?


  1. Trust your instinct. Alan Ruffman had done his homework and in fact knew more about the situation than others at the university did.
  2. Keep an open mind. Sometimes we are looking for a specific type of opportunity and we stumble upon something totally unexpected.
  3. Keep looking. The place that Jennifer looked has 6 km of shelving and most of the collection has been archived.
  4. Fresh perspective. Jennifer was working on a a completely different project which gave her a new perspective.
How will you trust your instinct this week?
Along the road with you,
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