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Good Monday morning,


Sometimes in life you achieve an incredible goal that you want, only to discover it is fundamentally in conflict with what you really need to fulfill you.


This past October, three weeks after being elected as a New Brunswick MLA, Gary Keating resigned.


“It is with sincere regret that I inform the citizens of Saint John East that I will be unable to assume the responsibility of being their MLA. After careful personal reflection and the unconditional love and support from my family I have decided, at this particular point in my life, that my family must come first and be my priority. 


Over the course of the election, and during the past few weeks, it has become very apparent that the long hours and travel associated with the job would have a negative impact on my health and, especially, my family. Again, following deep reflection, I came to the conclusion that this role is not for me. For the best interest of all, I have to follow my heart and this is the right decision. In the end you have to be happy.”


To give some context to Gary’s story, he graduated in 1983 with a B.A. in Political Science. Politics is not something new in his blood. I would imagine the goal of serving the public as a politician has been something that he has desired for a long time.


Let’s face it; this is not an easy scenario. Gary had a whole team of people involved to achieve the goal that he was striving for. This decision to step down had all kinds of personal & professional ramifications.


To me, the lesson is twofold in this scenario. Be introspective – asking important questionsearlier in the process about not only what we aspire to professionally, but all the other things that are involved in our personal life around that professional goal. The second lesson is about what is done with that information. When something is not working, it’s normally better to make a decision earlier, rather than later in the process.


I have great admiration for Gary’s ability to call this early. He recognized quite quickly that the role really is not what he thought it would be.


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