[MMM] When Opportunity Knocks, Say Yes & Open The Door

Good Monday morning,


Recently, I was on CanadaAM with Kelly Dixon President of Workopolis, Susan Uchida VP of Learning RBC, Jennifer McCleary Director of Degroote School of Business. The topic of discussion was launching & managing your career out of post-secondary education.


One of the interesting parts of doing  live TV is the opportunity to meet other guests in the “Green Room”. I have previously met some interesting guests, such as Kat Von D from Ink fame.


This particular early Tuesday morning, we bumped into acclaimed Canadian actor, Gordon Pinsent, and had a lovely conversation with him about what he was up to in his career.


Gordon Pinsent


Our conversation shifted to work and he shared his career advice to young people: “Say yes to everything.”
His own career was started that way. He stated how he was asked to do a major part early on and he really didn’t know what he was doing. He observed other actors putting on makeup, and followed their lead. When he was asked if he could ride a horse for a part, he responded, “do you want me to ride English or Western?” The irony being, he’d never ridden a horse before.


The principle he was getting at was that if a door opens, walk through it. Take risk and don’t over-analyze where that will take you or whether you are qualified.


Wherever you are at in your career, learn to say “yes”, more.


Saying yes, along the road with you!



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