[MMM] When Is the Right Time to Resign?

Jan 23, 2017 | The “Time To Leave” Edition


Good Monday morning,


On Friday, was President Barack Obama’s last day in office. He finishes his role, with the highest approval rating for any President at the end of their term. He earned the respect of the American people & was consistently bringing his best to the biggest job in the world. Working at this pace, you can only do so long, that is why I am a fan of term limits for politicians. He has a lot in common with John Brzenk on finishing well.


From 1969 -1985, arm wrestling was the highest rated show on ABC sports. Brzenk was named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Greatest Arm Wrestler of All Time”, and is considered a legend. He became the world champion when he was 20 years old with a trifecta combination of strength, speed, and endurance.


Those 3 elements just happen to be exactly what we all need to exceed in our career and life.


But what happens when your term has ended? That’s a question that everyone has and not just professional arm wrestlers. I am sure President Obama and a number of former politicians are asking the same question – should I leave now?


The question… when to leave? Do you leave when you are on top or do you keep going? I think the core of the question is, what is your motivation for staying? Is it because you are comfortable, not sure of what’s next, or afraid of letting go? All smart high performing professionals have a sense in their gut when it’s time – the next step is to gain the courage to figure out what the next challenge will be.


The irony is that the market will usually “help” you with taking action. Why wait until that point? You have a choice of being proactive and creating a plan to move forward with control and confidence. The reality is that your employer has a sense of when you are plateaued and in many cases, a change of role will be imposed upon you.


If this resonates with you, start asking the question: why am I really staying in this role? Think about what could be next; you will be in a better situation and you will be a more fulfilled person if you take control of your career. Nobody wants to leave on a low point, be the “Greatest Arm Wrestler of All Time” or the President of the United States.


You have choices, and options. There is a better future for you.


Along the road with you!




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