[MMM] | What Your Morning Commute Can Teach You About Work (It’s Not What You Think!)

Happy Tuesday!
How was your morning commute? What did you ponder over this morning?
The etymology of the word comes from the mix of two words from Latin commute: com- meaning ‘altogether’ and mutare ‘to change.
In a sense, we all come together on trains, planes, and automobiles, and change pace from our personal life to our professional life.
The majority of us have our morning commute routine, including a mandatory refueling stop for caffeine. We are in automatic mode. We know what stop to get the bus at, where to park our car, how to walk to the office, and our favorite place to get re-caffeinated. We don’t have to think about it.
Three years ago, there was a tube strike in London. For 48 hrs it impacted millions of commuters. Each of them needed to find a new way to get to their office; they had no choice.
Interestingly enough, economists discovered that when the tube returned to service they noticed about 5% of commuters had fundamentally shifted the way they commuted to their place of employment. They did that as a result of unintended consequences.


After all of the many years of going to work, you would think that they would have already found the most efficient way of getting there.
We’ve all had that in our lives – something beyond our control change our world. It could be a boss leaving, a lay-off a project going a different direction, your role changing, or the company launching a new venture.
Like the London tube strike, this is an external event beyond your control.
When this type of shift happens to you, ask yourself this question: in what way can this be an opportunity for me?
Like the London commuters who were quite comfortable in their routine, you too can have the chance to find something better out of the change. Often the things in our lives that are the most frustrating can be the very thing that opens a brand new path for ourselves.
Cheerio! Have a great week!
Along the road with you!
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