[MMM] What We All Need…| Monday Morning Motivator

Sometimes in life, you are in the right place at the right time with the right set of skills & experiences… under very difficult circumstances.


Kevin Vickers, Sergeant-at-Arms, was just in on the way to the chamber when he heard shots. He ran towards the chaos. As a retired RCMP officer, he knew instinctively what was happening and what he needed to do in order to serve and protect his colleagues. Who knows what would happened without his brave actions.




Barbara Winters had just passed the war memorial when she heard shots. Barbara, who is a lawyer, had been a member of The Canadian Forces Naval Reserve. She was trained to deal with these kinds of circumstances. She ran towards the choas.


Your family loves you. Your parents are proud of you. Your military family loves you. All the people here, are working so hard for you. Everybody loves you. You’re a good man.”

Barbara spoke these words to Nathan Cirillo, while she and 3 other bystanders worked valiantly to save his life.


…En (Courage)


Both Kevin Vickers and Barbara Winters are both champions for our country; great Canadians who ran towards the chaos. This past week, these and many other Canadians proved their ability to be true, north, strong & free.


Let’s learn from these amazing women and men – to have courage and encourage others – and perhaps we will become a little bit closer to seeing a world where courage outshines fear, light outshines the darkness, and love conquers hate.



I. Am. Canadian, along the road with you!



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