[MMM] What U2 Absolutely Has in Common With All of Us | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning & Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Being born in Ireland sure makes you appreciate this day- as a nation they have much to be proud of (and not just for the Guinness they produce!). In last week’s motivator, I spoke about the fact that opportunity could be (and often is) just one email, meeting or event away. That’s true, but what happens when a door is closed in your face?


You’re not alone.


Thank you for submitting your tape, we have listened with careful consideration, but feel it is not suitable for us at the present.


We wish you luck with your future career.


Yours sincerely,


Alexander Sinclair


RSO Records”


They didn’t need much Irish luck, U2 had an amazing amount of persistence and talent. Next to Guinness, they are Ireland’s next greatest treasure. Ever heard of Alexander Sinclair or RSO Records? 


Me neither.


Rejection is part of success.

Rejection is part of success.

Rejection is part of success.


Say that 3 times. My grade 8 math teacher was all about repetition; it’s how I learned to do fast math. It stuck. 


Unlike the time when U2 went looking for an “employer,” in the reality of today’s job search process, you’re probably not even going to get a rejection email, never mind a hand signed, mailed letter. 


Rejecting yourself is your choice.

Rejecting yourself is your choice.

Rejecting yourself is your choice.


It’s not personal, it just feels that way. When you personalize it and make the rejection about you, that’s where the troubles begin. 


That’s what I appreciate about Job huntingpursing that next leadership level, or looking for your first record deal: it is fraught with rejection. Once you accept this, you will be immeasurably wiser.


Like my math teacher taught me, the formula to a successful job hunt or promotion is quite simple. 


Rejection + Persistence + Talent = New Role.


That’s how you get “Irish” luck.

Éire go Brách!, along the road with you!



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