[MMM] What Sting Can Teach You About Your Career | Friday Leadership Report

Good Monday morning, 

Sting is one of my favourite musicians. I recently picked up a DVD documenting Sting’s life – most specifically, the time surrounding the recording of his first solo album.


There were many things I learned from watching this documentary. Sting said, “One of the greatest things in my life is that I don’t know where my life is. I don’t have the faintest idea of what I will be doing a year from now. One of the reasons I left teaching was that I could predict that I would be the Assistant Head Master in 10 years. I could see what my life would look like. That was a nightmare. I much prefer not knowing what is around the corner.”


Sting grew up the son of a milkman. At the end of his street was a shipyard. Men would work on the ships for 9 months, and then send them out to sea, never to be seen again.


This became the metaphor for how Sting saw his life – embarking on the great adventure of life, rather than staying safe in the harbour.


Sting’s gift to the world is to be a tremendous lyricist and composer. He spoke about the time he knew that he had reached his dream. It was when he was in the hospital and a window cleaner started to whistle Roxanne. Sting said; “I almost started to weep”.


He had a similar experience in another hospital, when, waiting for his son to be born, Sting heard an orderly whistling Walking on the Moon. “It is a great privilege to do what I am gifted in and to be able to impact others.”


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