[MMM] What Is the Best Choice For Your Future

Good Monday morning,


Today’s the final day of the Federal election, by the end of tonight we will have a clear sense of who will be leading Canada. You may have a variety of feelings about this election, from all angles it has been interesting, strange & unpredictable. We should have anticipated this, if you remember the very first day, we had the “incident” where the media bus had a collision with the Liberals’ plane. Who could make that up?


Elections in Canada are about two important democratic principles


  1. Freedom
  2. Choice


This is the same principle as our careers.


I was getting an Uber upon arriving back from our Vancouver office. I was speaking with Ismail, my driver about what he liked about driving for Uber


  1. Freedom
  2. Choice


He is a relatively new Canadian, he has been driving for 2 years & really enjoys it. He loves that not only about Uber but as well about Canada, the freedom & choices this country offers him and his family.


There is a saying, that we get the Government we deserve.


We also only get the career we deserve.


Democracy, like our career, only works when we participate by being involved as an active participant.


Which party will you vote for, that I am less worried about. Ultimately our governments work when we are an active participant, not just in voting but in contributing, through our involvement in all facets of our society, including our professions.


My real question is:


Ask not what your Canada can do for you, but what can you do for Canada?


Ismail has answered this.


Have you?


Along the road with you,


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