[MMM] What Do You Expect From Work? | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning!   


Our friends to the south have just finished their big National Holiday. The US does retail very well, and one of my favorite chains just opened in Canada. I’m an unusual male; I actually enjoy shopping. 


My hand knapsack was falling apart; I needed to get a new one. I was at our Mississauga office, meeting with the team, what better excuse did I need than to check out the new “Target” store?


As expected, the store was clean, well laid out, and the prices were right for what they were offering. Most important, the staff, and I mean all the staff, went out of their way to help me.


This is a substantially different shopping experience than I have at the Bay. Generally, it’s hard to find assistance, and things are somewhat disorganized.


What is the biggest difference? Some would say merchandizing or pricing. I would say the this sign sums it up: 




“Expect to love what you do”


Expectations are key to everything we do in life.  


When I was selecting my new knapsack, I expected it to have certain qualities. Some were core to my needs, and some that were more about my wants. The key was to find a bag that hit the “sweet-spot” of both. 


Do you expect to have a career that just pays the bills, or could you raise your expectations to find a better fit for both your needs and your wants?


The great news is that when you find the sweet-spot it’s clear. Target has obviously found a group of employees that are looking for an employer to meet their expectations.


When you have the right fit, everyone wins. 


Raise your own expectations, and expect the best from yourself. Don’t just settle for what you can do, expect better, and become your best. 


Expecting to love what I do, along the road with you!




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