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Good Monday morning,

Tim Hortons officially turned off the lights


Not to worry – if you are just about to get your favourite Timmy’s coffee, while Tim Hortons has recently been sold to Burger King, they are still very much in business.


Tim Hortons recently launched their new brand, Dark Roast coffee, and as part of the launch they literally turned off the lights in select locations immersing their clients in an experience completely devoid of light – blacking out windows, and even painting surfaces outside and inside black to increase the intrigue.



Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of their regular coffee; I find it somewhat bland. Being curious, I tried the new Dark Roast and found the flavour much more satisfying. Regardless, I admire how Tim Hortons continually evolves their business model with new products. This is one of their “bolder” moves (pun intended), however when considering the breadth of their product line, one could acknowledge it as the next logical step. 

Most smart businesses look for evolutionary changes in their model. Evolution is defined as “The gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.”


For those who don’t know what career transition coaching entails, it probably feels as if I bring you into my office, attach a bunch of wires to your brain, turn on the magic machine, and the dot-matrix printer will start printing off all of your new potential roles.


Astronaut… Biologist… Cinematographer… Doctor… Elevator Mechanic

Let’s face it, for most people the above options are very revolutionary. I am not saying that you cannot do any of these careers, however the move required would involve a large amount of risk, time, education, and commitment. 


Some of you might be thinking “Ok, Alan, first you were talking about Tim Horton’s coffee and now you are talking about becoming a Fireman… where are you going with this?”


Like Tim Hortons, often the answers to where you should go next are evolutionary rather then revolutionary. A move within your organization or the next logical step on yourcareer path, rather than a drastic and dramatic change. 


Evolution is not necessarily less bold, but it is just plain smarter.

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