[MMM] What Canada Has In Common With You, Eh! | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy belated Canada Day weekend!  


When you think Tim Horton’s, Hockey Night in Canada, the Rockies, weather and Tommy Douglas what is the first word that comes to mind? I’ll wager it’s “Canada,” eh! These are some of the distinctive elements that make up our unique national identity.  

This week’s podcast is with Roy MacGregor, a gifted Canadian story-teller, author and Globe & Mail columnist. Roy asks “Why is identity so important? A separate national identity is key when you live so closely to a large influential country like the United Sates. We even speak differently in our little world”.  

Countries and professionals that are successful in the competitive global marketplace have a number of things in common: a clear and distinct identity, something to offer that the market needs, and a certain pride in themselves. 

Roy has invested his career discovering and sharing what makes Canada a wonderful and complex place to live and work. Appropriately, he started writing for The Canadian, then worked for Maclean’sThe Ottawa Citizen, and The National Post. Now, he writes a daily columncalled My Country. Over the past 35 years, Roy has traveled from St. Johns to Victoria. He is a keen observer and has written a number of books that are a powerful reminders of who we truly are. 

What does Roy love about Canada? ” I love the people. I love the fact that they have amazing stories – very moving, very sweet. It has always been the people for me.”

On a more personal note, I myself immigrated to Canada as a young boy. My parents came here seeking new opportunities. They wanted to give me a better life, and I am very thankful. I think our country is a splendid hybrid of Europe and the United States, offering us the best of both.

Happy Birthday Canada!

Standing on guard for thee, along the road with you!




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