[MMM] How to be more “human” as a leader

Good Monday morning,
I was travelling back from our Vancouver office this week. Upon entering the plane the flight attendant asked me how I was today and I responded politely “Fine, thank you.” I then asked her how her day was going.
She paused a moment and replied, “Thanks for asking, nobody ever asks me that.”
I was somewhat surprised by her response. I really didn’t feel that I did anything special, I was just being pleasant.
A few years ago I met a person that worked closely with Brian Murray, the former General Manager for the Ottawa Senators. One of the key strengths that he had as a leader was his ability to not only understand his players’ talents but to connect with them as people.
Newly retired Mike Fisher who played for a majority of his career with Brian shared,  “He had such a good perspective on hockey and life and he instilled confidence in us. He was one of the most influential people in my hockey career.”

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At the end of the day we all need and desire the same thing. Whether you’re a multimillionaire athlete being flown on a private charter to your next game or the professional flight attendant serving him, you need to feel respected.


Leaders like Brian genuinely understand the value of people and treat them with respect and dignity. It doesn’t mean he didn’t have tough but honest performance conversations. But when he did his team knew he cared about them as people first and employees second.


What legacy will you leave as a leader?


Along the road with you!




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