[MMM] | Turning Your Career Dream Into a Reality

March 6, 2017 | The “Persatience” Edition


Good Monday morning,


Sometimes in life, truth is stranger than fiction…


… and the winner is…La La Land.


“Sorry – this is not a joke, there’s been a mistake. The actual winner of the 2017 Best Picture is, Moonlight.” shared Warren Beatty


If there ever were a Bonnie & Clyde moment for the producers of La La Land, this would take the cake.


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You really couldn’t have written a more unpredictable outcome to a more unusual story. Barry Jenkins, the writer and director of Moonlight, hadn’t made a full-length movie since 2008, he was inspired by the play In Moonlight, Black Boys Look Blue. It took him only ten days to write the screenplay and he raised $1.6M from Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B, for Moonlight.


That was the easy part. Getting the movie made and to market was a whole other journey.


Barry shared, “There was a time when I thought this movie was impossible; I didn’t believe it would come to fruition. I gave everything, man, and this movie came damn close to killing me.


Barry had one characteristic trait that I have observed, all successful people have.




One of my clients, who is a lawyer, described her mindset regarding her current career transition phase: “I need to stay persatient.”


Persatient = Persistent and Patient.


You won’t find that word on Wikipedia or even Google. (I tried – not even one reference.)


Regardless, I am sure the key to the universe and getting a movie made is found in that word. (Ok, that may be a bit of a stretch, but still…) I find that clients are usually exclusively persistent or patient. The key is to balance both elements. Knowing when to wait, when to follow through, when to take action, and when to stop.


My client described in a precise way the mindset that is needed, not only in career transition, but in all other phases of life. Whether it’s that next opportunity, leadership role, health issue or parenting strategies.


As Barry shared, “To hell with dreams, I am done with it, because this is true.” 


Dreams only turn into reality with this one characteristic: Be Persatient.


Along the road with you!




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