[MMM] Top 5 Cutting Edge Job Search Tips

In today’s competitive job market you need to stand out from the rest of the competition.


Here are 5 job search tips to make your job search cutting edge:



  1. Print your resume on pink paper. You’ll stand out in a stack of resumes
  2. Hide jokes throughout your resume. The hiring manager will be sure to read through your entire resume and pass it on to others to share the humour.
  3. Mass-call random numbers asking for work. Networking is critically important in job search. The more numbers you call, the more you are guaranteed to find someone who will offer you a job.
  4. Interview with pizzazz. Bring a presentation board complete with glitter that showcases your accomplishments to really “wow” the interviewer.
  5. Call the interviewer every hour to follow up. By constantly contacting your interviewer you make it impossible for them to forget you.


There you have it. Our Top 5 Cutting Edge Job Search Tips to land that next role.


If those sound like bad tips then you’re right…Happy April Fools’ Day!


Along the road with you! 




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