[MMM] Time is not money. It’s More Valuable Than That… | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,


Great questions stick with us & make us ponder what is deeply important in our lives. I wanted to share with you an excellent example of a great question.


Patrick Pichette, the CFO of Google, recently announced that he is leaving the company. What I found profound was the wisdom that was used to determine what was next for him. The interesting piece of information in his resignation letter was that he really was enjoying his work, his colleagues & the opportunities that still lay in front of him in his work at Google.


There is much to be done…


He spent a few months pondering a question his wife, Tamar, had asked him.


“I remember telling Tamar a typical prudent CFO type response- I would love to keep going, but we have to go back. It’s not time yet. There is still so much to do at Google, with my career, so many people counting on me/us – Boards, Non Profits, etc.


But then she asked the killer question: So when is it going to be time? Our time? My time? The questions just hung there in the cold morning African air.”




Like many professionals, we all have to ask ourselves, how much is enough? What is important in our lives – really important?


Yes, I know that Pichette is a highly paid executive and that this creates more options for him. On the flip side, it also creates more responsibility & more opportunities to do more.


Time is not money. Time is life. We don’t trade our time for money, we trade our time for life, and we need to be careful with that investment.


When is it going to be your time? When will you live the life you really want to live and visit the places you want to see and create the things that you wish to create?
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