[MMM] Three Things To Remember in Turbulent Times

Good Monday morning,


You may be a nervous or a happy flyer.


I get enthused every time I get on a plane. I guess my son, who is an airline pilot with Sunwing, gets his passion honestly.


This week, I was flying out to our Vancouver office; generally, they are relatively good flights. Both WestJet & Air Canada run direct flights. Interestingly enough, the Toronto – Vancouver run with Air Canada is in the top 10 profitable routes in the world.


I am always amazed by what a big country we live in, part of me expects when I arrive in Vancouver, to be on the streets of France after spending that much time in the air.


This trip was full of turbulence, an unusual amount & lots of people were not that comfortable.


Talking with my son, he shared all the new technology & ways they can now anticipate a region of turbulence.


When you are flying in turbulence, what do you expect from the crew?


We really want to have confidence that the crew is in control. How do we truly know they’re in control?


They communicate.


In real estate the three principles are;


Location, location, location.


When flying through turbulence, you expect from the pilots.


Communication communication, communication.


You want to know when you are heading into turbulence, how long it may last & what the pilots are doing to fly around or above it. You also want to know when you are out of turbulent air.


This is a leader’s role, there are other turbulent parts of our lives, it could be a restructuring, or a new leader, or a complete change on a project.


The leader’s role in moments like these;


Communicate, communicate, communicate.


Like a pilot, you don’t have to tell everything, but you can share key pieces of information in a way that informs & leads.


This is your captain speaking…


Along the road with you!




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