[MMM] Three Important Questions To Ask About Your Next Opportunity

Happy Monday morning,


They say, in life, that things happen in threes. It seems that there are patterns in our lives: opportunities and challenges that tend to happen in a set of sequences.


In careers, there often are sets of elements that converge to either lead toward, or away from, opportunities.


There are many choices you may have in your career. When speaking with a client, we were discussing an opportunity that her boss had presented to her. The rule of three applies here as well.


There are three questions I asked her to ponder about the role that was presented.


1. Will this position help you grow as a person both professionally and personally?


2. How engaged and interested are you in the challenges within this area?


3. What is the impact on your lifestyle? Will this offer you more of what you want? Money, time, travel, etc.?


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Bonus question: what are the potential paths your career could take after mastering this role?


When looking at opportunities, these are some simple but powerful questions that will give you a sense of the right fit. It would be easy for her to say yes to this role – her boss thinks it’s great and the momentum of her career is driving her there.


The real challenge for her and all of us when looking at any new opportunity is to be asking the right questions with the right support and answering them with honesty.


Along the road with you!




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