[MMM] This Trade at Work Really Works for all of us

June 13, 2016 | The “Trade” Edition


Good Monday Morning,


I am fortunate that my parents chose Canada. Although, truth be told, I am not sure why they didn’t move to Vancouver rather than planting our family in Toronto.


Canada is an amazing country. I always say that I was born in Ireland, but I am truly Canadian. I think this country offers the best characteristics of Europe & the US fused together. The foundation of any great country is the democracy, and the role of governments is in providing the environment for all of us to thrive.


Education – Check
National Parks – Check
Health Care – Check
Great roads (most of the time) – Check
Safe Cities – Check
Clean water – Check
Libraries –  Check
Electricity – Check


You enjoyed a majority of those things before arriving at work today. They were all established and supported by – you got it – public sector employees.  This week is National Public Service Week. It is a week to honour the good, very good, work these professionals do for the benefit of all of us. They support the foundation to the very fabric to what makes for a great society.


Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 10.41.21 PM


Here is some interesting information: The Federal Government is the largest employer in the country. There are almost 500,000 employees working across Federal Departments agencies, crown corporations, military & RCMP. There are over 80 distinctive job classifications including 15% scientists & professionals, 10% technical roles, and 2.5% executives. 42% working in the National Capital Region, 21% in Western Canada, 11% in Atlantic Canada & the rest are spread throughout the country.


I spoke at an event with IPAC recently & ran a twitter poll asking, “Why did you join the public service?” This was the response:


Challenges & opportunities 35%
To serve Canadians  27%
Geographic Opportunities 19%
Job Security & benefits 19%


I found it interesting that one of the last drivers was job security & benefits. They may have great benefits, that is true, but the reality is that a majority of public servants are not working for ‘the benefits’ – at least not the ones a lot of people think. They are driven to do a great job for our great country and for themselves as well. 


That’s a trade we all benefit from.


This week take a moment on Twitter, Linkedin & Facebook to share your appreciation. Join the conversation and use the hashtag #NPSW.


Along the road with you!




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