[MMM] | This small (but important) change will make all the difference in your career

Good Monday morning,
“I want to learn how to play the piano in 2018.”
“I am committed to learning how to play the piano in 2018.”
I was reminded of the nuanced difference between these statements during a recent executive coaching session I was conducting. My client shared that she wants to be better at timely decisions. My response to her was, “Do you want to be better or are you committed to being better?”
“Want” versus “commitment”. “C” comes before “W” in more than just the dictionary.
The etymology of the word “commit” is from com meaning “with, together” and mittere meaning “to release, let go; send, throw”. You need let go of something before adding a new habit or behaviour.
I am committed to learning the piano this year and that meant letting go of my New York Times subscription.
This is compared to the meaning of the word “want” which is “thing desired, that which is lacking.” You might get what is desired or lacking in your personal or professional life by wanting it, but you will almost certainly get what you want by being committed.
Every leader knows this. You know this.
So what do you want? More importantly, what are you committed to?
Along the road with you!
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