[MMM] This one thought holding you back in your career & what you can do to change that

“Fear is boring.


Sometimes you will hear something that stops you in your tracks. Literally.
This quote, from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, did that for me.
I have been pondering the idea that, “fear is boring.”


I get that peanut butter and jam is a great combo but, “fear is boring”? 
Framing fear as boring is a new concept for me. Many would personally say the fear is far from boring.


“What if I don’t get that role?”


“What if that project fails?”


“What if my boss leaves?”


“What if I blow that interview?”


“What if they move locations?”


“What if the process doesn’t make things better?”


What holds us back from taking action on critical things in our personal and professional lives? Our negative thoughts which are often fear centered. Our brain loves the comfort of the familiar; it’s very efficient and it’s what we know. Research supports that our brain has between 20,000 – 60,000 thoughts each day. 95% of those thoughts are in similar patterns and 85% are negative (i.e. fear based) thoughts. 


Can you imagine having the same conversation day in day out about the same subject, challenge and outcome with your boss? Now that would be boring. Fear is a road too well travelled. 


What if we saw fear as information that allowed us to explore what ways we could grow? What solutions would expand our thinking, open doors to a new relationship, experiences, opportunities and enrich our lives?
Would fear be boring if we saw it that way?


Fear is information.


Why live the boring life, when you can live differently.


Along the road with you!




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