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My daughter is in her final year of high school, this past few months we have had numerous “coaching” conversations about what she wants to do now, that she is “all grown up…” It is both an exciting & challenging time for her & for me. The average cost of university is $50k, I want to make sure she makes she chooses the right career for a whole bunch of reasons. She has used some of the tools from our Student Career Identity Program


The world is full of many career choices, many schools hold career fairs for their students. Concord High School held such an event, their visitors included a firefighter, postal worker, an engineer, as well as Matthew Scamardella, a third generation funeral director. Mr. Scamardella is very dapper man, he brought a brochure titled “Searching for a career that’s 6 feet above the rest?” It would seem that the funeral trade is dying out (pun intended) as a result of a few recent trends;


1. A whole bunch of Funeral Directors are retiring

2. There are not many lining up to be a Funeral Director

3. There are more people dying (see #1)


What do you envision when I mention the words “funeral director”? As Matthew said; “For most people, it is standing with our hands folded, waiting for someone to die.” I guess it proves to most of us that we don’t always have a good picture of what is involved in most careers. However, that perception is making it more difficult to attract new people into the industry. The average salary for a Funeral Director is about $50,000 a year and, I have to say, it is a recession proof career move. Not to mention how difficult it is for clients to complain, outsource or ship off to a cheaper “cost center.” All things considered, it’s a pretty good gig.


I was encouraged by a Minister friend of mine from Montreal to watch the HBO series “Six Feet Under.” Once I saw an episode, I understood my friend’s interest, funerals are a big part of his professional life. It is interesting how TV series affect industries. It was said that the amount of people who applied for law school when Law and Order came on the scene was up 20%. Unfortunately, “Six Feet Under” did not have the same affect for the funeral industry. Some careers lie dormant.


Much what we understand about careers and our culture is shaped by the media and other strong influencers. Concord High School guidance counsellor Kimberly Russell said; “I don’t know if I ever would have thought of it.” So here is our October draw – take 5 minutes and write down all the careers you could think up (no google searches!). Post your list on our Facebookpage & we will enter your name in a draw. The person with the most diverse career options will win a a Student Career Identity Program ($849 value). You can use this, or gift to a young person you know who is deciding what the right career path is for them


My daughter well, she now has a clear & confident plan (full credit to her career coach…). She has decided to pursue a career in child psychology.You may be feeling that lack of knowledge or lack of perspective is holding you back from finding true career joy. We can help


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Alive & well, along the road with you!




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