[MMM] The Two Most Important Qualities for Leadership Success

Good Monday Morning,


You may know by now that I am a “car” guy. In fact, my licence plate says “CarJoy”.


My team and I are fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients doing leadership coaching in a mix of industries including the public sector, healthcare, finance, and, yes, auto manufacturers. While each sector has their own nuances and expertise, ultimately all organizations, at their hearts, are in the business of people.


This past week I was out for a visit at one of our clients’ auto manufacturing facilities and was given a tour of the plant by the General Manager. He has been with this organization for over 10 years and had progressed in various roles until he stepped into his current role of overseeing the largest and busiest plant in their portfolio. As he took me around that plant some things became very clear to me: his genuine passion for the technology, efficiency, and the deep pride he had in the fact they hadn’t lost a day to workplace injury in over 10 years. He was genuinely excited about the work he was doing. This gentleman had emigrated from Eastern Europe, renewed all of his education in Canada and worked hard at building his career.


There is a really great study on leadership by Spencer Stuart on leaders who excel why they are so successful. They studied over 2000 executives in a variety of areas and discovered 5 patterns. One of the key patterns was the right mix of talent and passion. If the leader was both talented and passionate, he was 6 times more successful than his peers.


This plant manager was a living example of this pattern.


His genuine talent in quality, understanding of manufacturing, engineering, and leadership combined with his deep interest in the products he was producing were the not-so-secrets “secrets” to his success.


What’s your perfect mix for success? Along the road with you,




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