[MMM] The "Secret Sauce" to Landing That Role You Really Really Want | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning, 

Are you currently looking for a new roleThen you are in good company. So are John Tory, Olivia Chow and Rob Ford, as well as 41 other candidates in the running to become the Mayor of Toronto. Who will win? It’s anyone’s guess.


All the serious candidates have campaign managers. You probably won’t recognize them or even know their names, but they are the ones working behind the scenes with messaging and strategy, coordinating debates, guiding, and giving honest – sometimes brutal – feedback and advice. 


Speaking of brutal feedback – in case you are curious, Rob Ford’s manager is his brother, Doug Ford and his new job in the kitchen is putting out fires.  


Just as every great Chef creates his own signature flavour – a “secret sauce“- that je ne sais quoi that helps distinguish himself from the rest of the cooks, there is a “secret sauce” to becoming the candidate of choice (though it involves somewhat less paprika).


In 2008, against most odds, a man named David Plouffe implemented astrategy and gave specific guidance that allowed a charismatic outsider win the biggest job in the country. That outsider was Barack Obama, and without his “secret sauce” Mr. Obama would today be sitting in the Senate instead of the Oval Office.


Career coaches work behind the scenes with messaging, strategy, guiding, advising & giving honest feedback on how their candidate is doing to help them win. 


For us, every day is a campaign and every man and woman the next candidate.

Who is your campaign manager? What’s your “secret sauce” to winning your job search campaign?


A career coach like myself and the CareerJoy team.  We can be your “secret sauce“.


Your winning campaign manager, along the road with you,




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