[MMM] The Science of Leadership – 6 Core Skills To Pay Attention To

Happy Monday morning,


“Let me be clear.”


If you think, “geez, that sounds really familiar” it’s because it is. Many politicians use this as an anchoring statement to grab and hold your attention. 


The last couple of weeks our team has been at a number of conferences for public sector leaders.



Whatever your beliefs about politicians and bureaucrats are in general, we all agree that we want strong, capable leaders who value integrity. Our leaders at all levels of government impact our lives in everything from parking policy and libraries to health care and global trade. 


One of the things I observed over the past few months is the quality of the next generation of leaders who truly care about making our towns, cities, provinces and country a better place in which to live. 


So what defines a good leader? 


Dr. Fred Greenstein, a pre-eminent scholar of political psychology at Princeton, devised a systematic approach to evaluating the leadership styles of American presidents. He evaluated 30 presidents on the basis of their effectiveness rather than their policies and accomplishments. 
He discovered six key qualities that were consistent in the most effective leaders:


  • Public Communication
  • Organizational capacity 
  • Political skill
  • Vision 
  • Cognitive style 
  • Emotional intelligence


As I thought about the leaders who I’d met recently, including Mayor Jim Watson, I can see the congruence of this pattern as it relates to not just public sector, but all sectors. 


As you evaluate your team, or quite frankly political candidates, consider this list as a framework to help inform your decision of who will be the better choice.


Let me be clear…


Along the road with you,




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