[MMM] The Right Post Secondary Choice is Crucial

Dec 14, 2015 – Oh, the Places They Could Go!

Good Monday morning,
If you have kids currently in post secondary education, you will probably sense two things this week; their stress level, and your excitement about having them home for Christmas. This is the final week for most programs and it is chock & block full of exams. I relate to your situation.
I have two children in post secondary – my daughter is BC attending UBC & my son is in Toronto at Seneca College.  It’s my son’s first year at University. He is in a 4 year  program to become a commercial pilot. Permit me to brag on a bit about him… He has been sending me updates via text (which in itself is impressive as he is a teenage boy). His updates usually fall in two categories, the “ask” for money & the other, which has to do with his marks. I’ve been loving the regular updates on how well he is doing.
With your kids coming home for Christmas, your conversations about school could go one of three ways:
You ask: “How is school going?”
They reply with:
A) Silence, uncertainty, & a sense of discouragement. Likely hitting a “Slump” or in the “Lurch”.
B) “It’s fine”; they seem to be doing decently well & are neutral with the entire experience. Depending on the personality, they might be legitimately satisfied or… they may be in “the waiting place”.
C) Joy. Their general well being is improved and they are manifesting growth, confidence & maturity. They are soaring to high heights.
Choosing the right program is important both philosophically and practically.
Education is a huge investment for the student (and the parent!). The average cost of university tuition has reached on average $50,000, & most students graduate with a $21,000 debt load.  The right education has never been more valuable and the wrong program has big impact on your young adults’ esteem & bank balance.
Many parents have expressed frustration with the types of resources available at school & are challenged with helping to guide their kids. A number of years ago we had clients who had a light bulb go off realizing that the program they had just gone through would be an enormous benefit their kids when customized to identify & clarify future career paths & best education options.

We can help you.  Over the past 10 years we have had hundreds of students go through our 1-1 Student Career Identity Program & we have 4  Student Career Specialists on our team that can help you and your loved one.
I am fortunate as both of my kids are thriving in their programs & really enjoying the entire post secondary experience. They both have a very clear picture of what they want & are in the programs that are aligned to their goals. This didn’t happen by chance. The world is extremely competitive – it is no longer good enough to be good enough. Choosing the right path is key & it really is exciting when you see young people pursuing the right goal.

Their mountain is waiting….
Along the road with you!