[MMM] The Reason You Are Not Getting That Job You Are Qualified For

Nov 14, 2016 | The “Election” Edition


Good Monday morning,


As Hillary Clinton discovered this past week, sometimes the job you are expecting to get doesn’t work out. Hillary and her team, as well as the media, pundits, and the “scientific” polls, were anticipating her winning the biggest job in the world: the President of the United States. They had even booked a celebration room where the glass ceiling was to be broken with fireworks.


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We all know how this story ends. She wasn’t the chosen candidate.


On Saturday, there was an article in The NY Times explaining that Hillary thought she lost because of the new investigation opened by the Director of the FBI about a new batch of emails that was discovered in possession of a close aide.


That was certainly a factor, but was it “The Fact”? Many now can see that there a multitude of reasons why Hillary ended up losing the election.


I hear from clients the many reasons why they are not getting traction in the market.


– I’m new to Canada and don’t have a network
– I’ve just graduated
– I’ve just turned 50
– I’m not bilingual
– I have never been out of work before
– I don’t have an MBA
– I don’t have leadership experience
– They are looking for a particular degree that I don’t have


These are all facts, not “The Fact”. It is imperative to understand the difference between something that is a factor rather than a true inhibitor to getting your next role. Let’s face it, for all of the political differences, Hillary was the stronger candidate in every way and there wasn’t one reason that she didn’t get the job. It was a multitude of reasons.


There will also be a multiple of factors that will play into Hillary getting a new role that she will be a great fit for. We all have factors that create challenges for us and will also make us the best candidate for the right job.


That’s the great thing about life – our ability to find ways to deal with challenging circumstances moving forward in new and better paths.


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