[MMM] The Power of 3 – Why It Takes More Than Talent In Your Career

Good Monday morning,


You truly can get lost on The YouTube.


My kids always laugh when I call it that.


This past week, while looking at whales jumping into boats, people crashing grocery carts & all the incredibly interesting, inspiring videos you can watch about cats that can talk, I bumped into videos on players for the Montreal Canadiens.


I have to confess, I am genuinely not a hockey fanatic, nor a Montreal Canadiens fan as I grew up in Toronto, nonetheless, it was smart to bring you an inside sense of what it is like behind the scenes with the team.


One of their players, Phillip Danault shared what he brings on his road trips. He has all of the regular things you would expect, such as his Nintendo Switch, laptop, trident gum, AirPods, a gift from his wife.


There were a few things that surprised me, such as compression socks, a roller for his legs & a notebook. The roller he uses before every game to loosen his muscles, the compression socks he uses after every game to reduce swelling in his legs. The one that surprised me was the reason for his notebook.


The purpose of his notebook was to do reflective exercise after every game to note what he did well & what he could improve upon in his performance.


It seems frivolous what he has in his travel bag. But everything in it explains why he’s able to have a fantastic career as a hockey player


There are three reasons that Philip is playing in the NHL


1. Wisely developed talent.


2. Smart, specific systems.


3. Daily, disciplined habits.


There are many talented hockey players in Canada.


Only 700+ players have NHL talent, systems & habits.


What about you? Are you reaching your personal, professional potential? The question you have to ask yourself is where the gap may be.


Is it in your talent, the systems you have set up or in the daily, disciplined habits?


Ask Philip.


In today’s competitive, complex environment, if you want to flourish truly, you need all three.


Along the road with you!




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