[MMM] | The Number 1 Way to Become a Better Leader

Happy Tuesday morning,
I love animals. As a kid I had a cat for a number of years but had always wanted a dog. I got my first dog in my late 20’s. She was a classic golden retriever and was all the goodness that that breed contains.
Since then I have had a german shepherd, gordon setter, labrador retrievers and I currently have a golden retriever whom I’ve named Bob.
I recognize this is not a “pet” edition of this newsletter, so you may be wondering where I am going with this. The great thing about animals is they are excellent at one thing: feedback. You know when they are excited, sad or bored. 

According to a research study by Welder Research of over 20,000 leaders, the most important characteristic of a strong leader was their ability to ask for feedback, and specifically feedback for how you are are doing.


They found the best practice for this is:


1. Ask for feedback and listen to it intentionally.


2. Create a safe place to receive feedback.


3.  Create and commit to a plan to improve.


4.  Own the success that comes from your improvements.


5. Repeat.


There is a saying you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but it’s simply not true. I’ve been able to teach all my dogs new tricks and even the most senior of leaders have the ability to improve and grow.


Along the road with you!




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