[MMM] The Myths & Truths of Working at Home (No I’m not taking a nap…)

I received a note this week from a major educational institution shifting all of their programs online. What struck me was the comment “staff and faculty will continue to work on campus.


I had to re-read this statement as it struck me as so problematic &, quite frankly, irresponsible in so many ways. We made a decision this week, like many other firms, to move all of our team to work-at-home options.


All of our coaching, workshops & HR services are already delivered in a modern format via zoom & Webex. So for us, this really doesn’t fundamentally shift how we operate as an organization.


We live & work in the information age. More professionals are balancing young families & elder care. According to research by The Telework Research Network, 44% of roles are telework compatible, yet only around 5% of professionals are offered a flexible work arrangement. Further research shows that 40% of desks are not used during the day and a substantive increase of “presentism” at work.


Why is it still the case, even amidst such a challenging time, that this leadership team would resist offering this to their team? With all the tools & breakthrough technology, it has never been more comfortable & cost-efficient to provide a new kind of working relationship for employees.


What are some of the myths & the facts around providing a more flexible work situation?



• Professionals will take advantage of the flexibility.

• My team won’t be available when I need them.

• Employees will focus more on their personal than their professional lives.

• Managers need to be present for employees to be productive.



• 20% Increase in productivity.

• 7% Drop in attrition (Saving 100k in replacement costs per employee).

• 6.3% Drop in absenteeism.

• 11% Higher revenue per employee.

• 28% Increase in shareholder returns.

• $10,000 Savings in costs per employee that works from home 2 times per week.


Source: The Telework Research Network



We recognize this is not an ideal time in so many ways. I do see that there will be some fundamental long-term shifts in how we approach where we work & how we work. There will be much good that does come out of this very unusual time.


One other comment, this week, reach out to your neighbours & peers. Take the time to connect & support yourself & your teams.


As my guru, Fred Rogers says, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”


Along the road with you!



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